A new time, where a new generation of warriors have formed. You, and the new warriors, can now start their Dragon Quest!
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 Battle System Explanation

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PostSubject: Battle System Explanation    Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:07 pm

As common in the Dragon Quest series, random encounters happen. On this site, moderators, admins, and any volunteers, can take over as NPCs, and at random, enemies can pop up in your topic. Now, if you have a certain spell activated, or use holy water, you can hide yourself from enemies. Enemies will not pop in town, or in certain events. If you don't want NPCs to spawn mosnters in your topic, simply put, "(Friendly Topic)" in your topic's title and we won't spawn them. Player vs Player combat is also allowed. If your character dies, they will either pop up in a church and be revived, or if a priest is in your party or is nearby, or anyone who knows the spells Zing or Revive, or owns a Yggdrasil Leaf or dew, they can revive you.
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Battle System Explanation
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