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 Cepeda, the Martial Artist.

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PostSubject: Cepeda, the Martial Artist.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:58 pm

Character Template

Basic Information
Current Town:Stornway

Fighting Information
Current Class:Martial Artist
Current Weapon: Fistcuffs

Character Appearance
Weight:165 lbs.
Hair Style:Somewhat messy, kind of spiky.
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Golden Orange.
Clothing:Usually wears hoodies with baggy jeans and tennis shoes. Occasionally will sport a red and black robe instead of a hoodie. Most of his clothes consist of fire designs, and red, white, and black color schemes.
Piercings, Tattoos, etcA strange tattoo on his back of an open flame. Covers his entire back.
Skin ToneTanned White

Character Background
History:Cepeda was born under a single mother. His father was killed by a group of dragons one day during his mother's pregnancy. All of his life, he and his mother grew up in poverty, because she was raising him alone on her low pay check. When he turned ten, he went to the Dhrama Shrine, where he took up the Martial Artist class, and he told his mother he would begin to take quests up, and fight other monsters for more money.

When Cepeda turned fifteen, he was invited into a guild. The guild said they would financially support his mother, as long as he went off and began to travel the world, and start to protect people from monsters. He eagerly accepted, taking this as a chance to become stronger, and help out his mother. He left home, and began his new quest, to protect the people around the world, and get stronger.
Personality:Cepeda has somewhat of a domino effect in his personality. When you first meet him, you may think he is quiet and shy, but if he finds out you are a half way decent person, he will begin to open up and become friendly. He is incredibly hyper in battle, and shouts a lot, and is kind of over dramatic with attacks. He is overprotective of his allies and friends, and will do anything to keep them safe, especially after he found out about what happened to his father. He is extremely hostile towards monsters, even friendly ones.
Role Play Sample:Cepeda was currently walking down the road close to Trodain, after leaving there after completing a quest given to him by the King of Trodain Castle. He had looked down the road, and noticed a strange figure in the distance. He looked closer, and it looked like a man and a monster, who seemed to be fighting. It looked like the man was losing, so Cepeda figured he might as well help out. "Hey, wait a second!" He shouted, as he ran forward, toward the two, as he saw the man get hit in the face, and fly back, looking to be defeated. Cepeda jumped into the air, and sent a kick downward, knocking the slime away.

The slime flew backward, as two golems came from his sides, as he raised an eyebrow. "This must be an ambush, well, this is their mistake." He shouted, as he turned, and punched one Golem in the stomach, causing a crater in his stomach, as he smiled. "That was easy." He then uppercutted the golem, looking as his head flew into the air. He jumped back, and preformed a flip, as he intercepted the head, and kicked it downward to the golem's body, causing the two to collide and explode, sending debris everywhere.

Cepeda smirked, as he suddenly felt something grabbed him. The golem was constricting him, as he began to scream. Suddenly, he felt the grasp to ease, as he turned, and saw the golem's head to be on fire. The man who was in trouble had sent a blazemore to the golem. "Thanks, I got this!" He said, as he broke out of his grasp, and back flipped, he then sent a kick to his skull, and sent him to the ground.
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Cepeda, the Martial Artist.
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