A new time, where a new generation of warriors have formed. You, and the new warriors, can now start their Dragon Quest!
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 Current Quests

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PostSubject: Current Quests   Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:50 am

Hunt Five Slimes
Requirements:750 Words
Description:Kill Five slimes, and bring back slime orbs as proof.
Reward:400 Gold

Achieve Super High Tension
Requirements:Use Egg on, or Psyche Up on a player till they have increased tension four times.
Description:Let your anger peak, and destroy your opponents in Super High Tension
Reward:200 Gold

Find five Small Medals for the Medal King
Requirements:1500 Words
Description:The Medal King misplaced some medals, so go on a quest and help him find them. He has a medal locater, just check up with him and get it.
Reward:650 Gold

Defend Five Attacks successfully
Requirements:Defend five attacks in a pvp fight.
Description:Practice great defense in a fight and defend attacks.
Reward:1000 Gold
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Current Quests
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