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 Karan Misha

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Karan Misha

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PostSubject: Karan Misha   Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:48 pm

Character Template

Basic Information
Name:Karan misha
Current Town: Gotha

Fighting Information
Current Class: Thief
Current Weapon: Knife

Character Appearance
Weight:60 Lbs.
Hair Style:Long-To the shoulders
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Red
Clothing:Black Cloak. Basic Clothes
Piercings, Tattoos, etc: His whole body is tattooed, The center is a yinyang consisting of black red and purple, The purple outstretches to his right arm,and palm, A large line, The black leads to his left arm and palm, The red goes to his feet, And around his back, They also all come together making his face look mummified in red black and purple
Skin Tone:Pale

Character Background
History:Born in Gotha and growing up orphan. He began stealing at the age of 9 And was taught how to defend himself from basic people. He kept asking people if they knew his parents. But they usually said 'No' When he had asked. He made many multiple friends, But each has died about 2 days after. Though when he meets them and doesnt like them, They stay alive. Also leading to his personality
Personality:An arrogant and proud thief at first, Karan believes himself to be a member of an family that was notorious. However, he discovers the memories of who he was when he thinks. Very confused about his life He struggles to learn the truth about his family. He is also very...Quick to charge. If anyone he knew was harmed, He would leap out and charge at his enemy. Out of care for the friend. Though he is very shy to others, He hides it with his cloak, Gaining his trust is anew, Though as spoken before, When he learns someone he knows and cares for has been harmed, He will go to his maximum, He also hates to get together as friends, Because after 2 days each die horribly
Role Play Sample:Karan turned to the person who was chasing him after he stole it. he braced his knife as a sword met it, Making him go back. The sword continued, And cut off the robe part for his left arm, Revealing the black part of his tattoo, The man smirked "So your related to him huh.." Then pulled out his sword "I have a score to settle.." Then the man ran forward. Karan ran and ducked, Managing to make the man miss and karan throw his knife on the mans foot. Then pulling it out in a rush. And running away with haste. He climbed a ladder, And leaped to another building and jumped down slowly, Groping the part of the house, And landing on a barrel, Continuing to run away knife being held tightly, He ran forward, Accidentaly making a merchant drop his goods, Karan knocking his hood back on and escaping through a hole he made in the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Karan Misha   Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:50 pm

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Karan Misha
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